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User Trace Port – Trace Port Emulation on Processors without on-chip Trace Hardware

How can I verify Functional/Timing Correctness on Processors without on-chip Trace? An important aspect during the development of software, especially for embedded systems, is the possibility to observe the program execution flow and timing behavior of the application. Such functionality, typically referred to as “Trace”, is the basis for analyzing and verifying the functional and timing correctness of the application. These kind of tests are often a requirement to meet Safety and/or Security standards. Read more …

Testautomation @ iSYSTEM

How do manufacturers of Embedded Software Debugging and Test Tools test their products? Download article in German or English.

Collect Trace Information on MCUs without Trace Port

iSYSTEM supports with its development and debugger software winIDEA (since version 9.12.7) the so called Slow Run Mode. Slow Run allows the capture of the complete program execution and data trace - although the MCU does not provide a debug trace port ...

Tool Qualification for the new Automotive Standard from a Tool Manufacturer's Perspective

Chapter 8-11 of the ISO26262 standard, a version of IEC61508 specifically “adapted” to automotive, is dedicated to confidence in the use of software tools. This standard has a specific impact on not only vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers but also on the development processes of tool manufacturers and thus the development process of the actual software tool.

This article depicts the organizational and technical measures a manufacturer ...

How reliable is Code Coverage information shown in Source Code?

100%  code coverage measurement on source code is not equal to 100% code coverage measurement on object code level. The examples in this article show the the usage of complex instructions (e.g. for loop), complex conditions (e.g. if statement) or library/operating system functions add object code that is not directly traceable to source code statements. This inserted object code could include dead code or never taken code paths.... See how to find this untraceable code...

How reliable is Code Coverage information shown in Source Code?  





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