iC6000 On-chip Analyzer with Aurora protocol support

iC6000 - iSYSTEM Real-time Embedded Software Development, Test and Measurement Tool Platform

iC6000 is iSYSTEM’s new generation of embedded on-chip debug/analyzer, real-time test and measurement tool platform. It is a combination of hardware and software primarily targeting embedded systems based on microcontrollers featuring the high-speed trace interface AURORA. iC6000 ensures that large amounts of data can be collected, analyzed and visualized in real-time. To capture serial streams whose speeds exceed 6Gbps, the latest generation of Xilinx FPGAs is used. iC6000 comes hardware pre-configured for the Aurora based trace protocol.

IC6kHardware features:

  • Trace port 8Rx and 4Tx Aurora Channels up to 6.25 Gbps
  • Trace memory 8GB
  • Connectivity USB 3.0


Supported microcontroller families:

  • Infineon: AURIX (Tricore)
  • NXP: Qorivva MPC57xx
  • STMicroelectronics: SPC57xx,  SPC58xx
  • Renesas: RH850

More Information
Technical Notes NXP MCUs
Technical Notes Infineon MCUs
Download Hardware Reference Manual

A software package consisting of Windows (winIDEATM) or Eclipse based integrated development environment, debugger software and a real-time (unit/integration) test software (testIDEATM) drives the debug, test and measurement hardware.





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