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winIDEA 9.21: Start of a New Decade

How to setup winIDEA for two different Multi-Processor configurations, use new Sample based Profiling feature and the latest plugins?

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iSYSTEM Trace Solutions: Infineon AURIX™ TC377TE Emulation Adapter

The new Infineon Aurix™ TC377TE Emulation Adapter provides full debug and trace capabilities for the TC32x, TC33x, TC36x and TC37x packaged devices, … » Read more

The Role of Hardware Debugging Tools in Continuous Integration

How iSYSTEM products can be used to perform automated tests on real hardware targets as part of a CI/CD infrastructure...

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35 years of developer-oriented tools and solutions for embedded development

In April 2021, we celebrate our 35th anniversary. We look back on an innovation-driven history in an industry characterized by rapid technical … » Read more

Infineon/iSYSTEM TriCore™ AURIX™ Webinar Series - Session II – Debug Performance Bottlenecks

How can trace be utilized for finding the root-case for an unexpectedly degraded processor performance?  Let's take a look at two different … » Read more