Infineon TriCore: Achieving full DAP speed over a JTAG connector

New iSYSTEM DAP over JTAG connector available now

DAP or JTAG or both? Some hardware designs just host a JTAG debug connector on the PCB. In this case the iSYSTEM BlueBox is connected via a standard JTAG debug adapter (IC50160) to the board. However, this connection is limited in speed and bandwidth. The clock frequency of a JTAG interface is about 3MHz-20MHz, while a DAP interface for the standard debug and trace use cases can run up to 160MHz depending on the target board layout.


Figure 1: iSYSTEM DAP over JTAG connector

When using the new iSYSTEM DAP over JTAG connector (IA10PINDAP16PINJTAG), the iSYSTEM BlueBox communicates with the target TriCore device via the DAP debug interface while physically being connected to the 16-pin target JTAG debug connector.

iSYSTEM tool users connecting to a DAP interface have two options:

  • Standard DAP Trace & Debug Cable, IC50163-2 Infineon Cable Adapter (10-pin, 1.27 mm,  DAP2 Wide)
  • DAP (+DAPE) Debug & Trace Active Probe, 10-Pin 1.27 mm

Using the first option, one may achieve an increased performance regarding GUI refresh time (e.g., if watch variables are updated in real-time), code stepping, faster tracing and longer recording time .

Active Probe for Infineon AURIX DAP

Figure 2: iSYSTEM Active Probe for Infineon DAP and DAPE

However, the major advantage using the new adapter is the second possibility mentioned above: Connecting an iSYSTEM Active Probe to a BlueBox and finally to the target system:

  • Faster flash procedure
  • Trace Support via on-chip EMEM and DAP Streaming (“UWS”)
  • DAP Operation at maximum 160MHz (dependent on Target Board Layout)
  • Optional Support for DAPE on TC3x Family Emulation Devices. DAP and DAPE can operate at different Clock Rates.
  • Up to 5m Cable length between iSYSTEM BlueBox and Active Probe
  • Timing-Analysis via long trace recordings, e.g., while profiling an AUTOSAR based system

Now, full DAP speed, bandwidth and timing-analysis functionality becomes  available for those who are bound to JTAG connectors on their target hardware. Click on the following link to find out more about iSYSTEM tool solutions for Infineon AURIX.