Synchronous debug and trace for two Infineon AURIX devices

Synchronized multi-processor debug and trace

What's in it for you?

  • Generic solution for synchronized debug and trace
  • Debug/Flash and Trace a multi-processor target (can be one hardware or two different target systems)
  • Latency is <10us (measured with a setup of two AURIX target systems)
  • The optional iSYSTEM Hub extends the iC5700 with additional three FNET and one FBridge port. Through the FBridge port run/stop control of two iC5700 can be synchronized.  A 1m long FBridge (Ethernet alike) cable comes along the HUB and connects to the FBridge port on each iC5700.

What will it do for you?

  • Test functional safety implementation, e.g. fail-operational systems (fault-tolerant systems, redundant systems)
  • Verify the communication and timing requirements of such a communication between two controllers hosting two different applications.

What's supported today?

  • Infineon AURIX TC2x/TC3x
  • One needs: 2x iC5700, 2x Hub, 2x Active Probe DAP and/or AURORA
  • iSYSTEM will add support for other iSYSTEM Active Probes step by step. This enables heterogenous sync'd debug and trace, e.g.,  for Renesas R-CAR or similar designs

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