iSYSTEM BlueBox support for NXP S32G Vehicle Network Processors

Complete software development and test tool solution for the NXP S32G Vehicle Network Processors

NXP just recently announced a new generation of safe and secure vehicle network processors: The S32G. In their announcement they introduce the S32G as a processor, that combines hardware security, ASIL D safety, high-performance real-time and application processing, and network acceleration for service-oriented gateways, domain controllers and safety co-processors. 

BlueBox Support for NXP S32G

S32G is NXP’s technology answer to the Automotive Mega-Trends. We believe that all technological trends will have a major impact on our life as well. We also believe embedded software engineers developing such technology should do it right! iSYSTEM has been Automotive since the very beginning and knows the software challenges in this market very well. Our engineers understand the ECU development and testing processes and discuss such on eye level with Tier1s and OEMs world-wide. Being involved in tomorrow's ECU platform developments, we take risk already today to learn from the early adapters in this industry while providing the right tools at the right time. 

iSYSTEM software development and test tools for NXP S32G

A complete tool solution for embedded software development and test in addition to debugging, flashing and tracing also delivers deep insights into embedded software applications by providing

iSYSTEM debugger basic features for NXP S32G

  • Debugging of all cores (Cortex M7, Cortex A53, Cortex M0+)
  • Memory, watch, variable, and SFR display
  • Source and disassembly view 
  • Trace to internal memory (ETF/ETR) and trace via Aurora port.
  • Python scripting including the iSYSTEM API isystem.connect
  • testIDEA test automation GUI
  • QSPI flash programming


Let’s get started!

Getting started with iSYSTEM tools is easy. Request a demonstration.


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