Power Architecture: connect to the target at maximum frequency

New member of the iSYSTEM Active Probe family for NXP MPC5xxx and STMicroelectronics SPC5 AURORA devices

iSYSTEM introduces a new Active Probe MPC5x/SPC5x AURORA, that connects the target to the iSYSTEM’s generic iC5700 debug and analyzer platform.

What does an Active Probe actually do?
It connects to a target system’s (e.g., a car ECU) debug and/or trace interface and captures all MCU related activities in real-time including AUTOSAR OS.

How is that different from a debug adapter?
An Active Probe is a high-speed and very reliable connection to an iC5700 that enables advanced analysis of complex systems.

What are the advantages of connecting an iC5700 with an Active Probe to a target system?
This iSYSTEM generic platform concept connects different devices in a single network and in addition to debugging, flashing and tracing of single target systems also enables:

all from one central hardware tool.

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