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Support Team Contact

Support is included in the first year after purchase of a BlueBox product and can be extended with a maintenance contract in subsequent years. Only users with a valid winIDEATM license are entitled to support.

Prior to contacting our technical support team, please review the following resources:

What you should always check first:

  • Connect the BlueBox to the PC and power it up.
  • Start winIDEATM and establish a working communication between the PC and the BlueBox.
  • Open the Technical Support dialog via the menu option >> Help > Support > Technical Support..<<.
  • Choose e-mail option.
  • Press the OK button. The support file SUPPORT.wsb will be generated and attached to the email. The file contains information like winIDEATM license due date, winIDEATM version, BlueBox hardware details, embedded target architecture, etc. This way support team will get all the vital information with the first e-mail already and they can start analyzing the problem without asking first for all this information.
  • Describe the problem in the e-mail, which is the preferred communication channel and send it to the support team.

Local support for Asian countries is provided by our distributors. In all other cases you can reach the support team on:

Phone: +386 (1) 5680-666
Mon-Fri: 08:00–15:00 UTC+1
Sat-Sun: Closed
Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Phone: +49 (8138) 6971-30
Mon-Fri: 08:00–15:00 UTC+1
Sat-Sun: Closed
United States of America West
Phone: +1 (858) 385-9100
Mon-Fri: 08:00–15:00 UTC-8
Sat-Sun: Closed
United States of America East
Phone: +1 (248) 308-3820
Mon-Fri: 08:00–15:00 UTC-5
Sat-Sun: Closed


Sometimes things just go wrong. It could be applying the incorrect voltage to the target system, bending a pin in a connector, or pulling your BlueBox from the work bench to the floor via its USB cable. In 30 years of business we've seen the outcome of almost every conceivable accident that could occur in the lab.

If something should go wrong with your hardware, feel free to get in touch and we will advise you on how best to get up and running as soon as possible. Even if it is an older product, we often have spare parts available which we keep for just such emergencies.


Document Description
How to request a license for iSYSTEM Tools?

Every new BlueBox from iSYSTEM in conjunction with iSYSTEM winIDEA/testIDEA operates without any restrictions for 30 days (in a so called evaluation period) from the first time of use. During this time, the user must license the BlueBox for operation with winIDEA/testIDEA or the system will cease to work after 30 days. This document describes the licensing procedure.