Example winIDEA Workspaces

To ease getting started, winIDEA comes bundled with examples that include most of the supported CPU architectures and hardware combinations. Just follow these four steps and you are ready to take your system analyzer on a test run.

Install Examples Find the right sample Set up the hardware Start debugging!
Open winIDEA and choose Help / Install Examples Open File / Select Workspace and select your example Connect your BlueBox to the target board and to the PC Download the application to the target with the Debug / Download command


Find detailed info on getting started...

To those using Cortex®-M microcontrollers we provide additional examples. Each example is targeted at a single microcontroller family from a specific semiconductor vendor and includes workspaces prepared for use with both winIDEA and winIDEA Community Edition.

Semiconductor Vendor Microcontroller Family Board Processor On-Board Debug Interface Workspace Example
Last Update
Ambiq Micro Apollo Apollo EVK Cortex-M4 None Apollo Jan 2017
Analog Devices ADuCM33x EVAL-ADUCM331 Cortex-M3 None ADuCM Jan 2017
Cypress FM0+ SK-FM0-V48-S6E1A1 Cortex-M0+ CMSIS-DAP FM0 Jan 2017
GLYN Bulb Board Cortex-M0+ CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
FM0-64L-S6E1C3 Cortex-M0+ CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
FM3 SK-FM3-100PMC-MB9BF506 Cortex-M3 None FM3 Jan 2017
SK-FM3-100PMC-MB9BF516 Cortex-M3 None Jan 2017
SK-FM3-48PMC-MB9BF524K Cortex-M3 None Jan 2017
SK-FM3-80PMC-MB9BF524M Cortex-M3 None Jan 2017
SK-FM3-176PMC-MB9BFD18 Cortex-M3 CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
FM4 SK-FM4-U120-9B560 Cortex-M4 CMSIS-DAP FM4 Jan 2017
SK-FM4-216-ETHERNET-S6E2CC Cortex-M4 CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
SK-FM4-176L-S6E2D Cortex-M4 CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
FM4-176L-S6E2GM Cortex-M4 CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
FM4-120L-S6E2HG Cortex-M4 CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
Infineon XMC1000 XMC1100 Boot Kit Cortex-M0 J-Link OB XMC1000 Jan 2017
XMC1200 Boot Kit Cortex-M0 J-Link OB Jan 2017
XMC1300 Boot Kit Cortex-M0 J-Link OB Jan 2017
XMC1400 Boot Kit Cortex-M0 J-Link OB Jan 2017
XMC4000 XMC4200 Hexagon Cortex-M4 J-Link OB XMC4000 Jan 2017
XMC4400 Hexagon Cortex-M4 J-Link OB Jan 2017
XMC4500 Hexagon Cortex-M4 J-Link OB Jan 2017
XMC4500 Relax/Relax Lite Cortex-M4 J-Link OB Jan 2017
XMC4700 Relax/Ethercat Cortex-M4 J-Link OB Jan 2017
XMC4800 Relax Cortex-M4 J-Link OB Jan 2017
Microchip SAMC SAMC21-XplainedPro Cortex-M0+ CMSIS-DAP SAMx Jan 2017
SAMD SAMD20-XplainedPro Cortex-M0+ CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
SAMG53 SAMG53-XplainedPro Cortex-M4 CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
SAM4E SAM4E-XplainedPro Cortex-M4 CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
SAM4L SAM4L-XplainedPro Cortex-M4 CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
SAMV7x SAMV7-XplainedUltra Cortex-M7 CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
NXP LPC1500 LPCxpresso1549 Cortex-M3 LPC-Link-2/CMSIS-DAP LPC1500 Jan 2017
KL04Z/KL05Z KL05Z-Freedom Cortex-M0+ OpenSDA/J-Link KLxx Jan 2017
KL1x/KL2x KL25Z-Freedom Cortex-M0+ OpenSDA/J-Link/CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
KL43 KL43Z-Freedom Cortex-M0+ OpenSDA/J-Link/CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
K21 TWR-K21D50M Cortex-M4 OpenSDA/CMSIS-DAP K2xx Jan 2017
K22 K22F-Freedom Cortex-M4 OpenSDA/J-Link/CMSIS-DAP Jan 2017
KV31 TWR-KV31F120M Cortex-M4 OpenSDA/CMSIS-DAP KVxx Jan 2017
Silicon Labs EFM32ZG EFM32ZG-STK3200 Cortex-M0+ J-Link EFM32ZG Jan 2017
EFM32LG EFM32LG-STK3600 Cortex-M3 J-Link EFM32LG Jan 2017
EFM32GG EFM32GG-STK3700 Cortex-M3 J-Link EFM32GG Jan 2017
ST Microelectronics STM32F0 STM32F0308-Discovery Cortex-M0 ST-Link STM32F0xx

Jan 2017
NUCLEO-F030R8 Cortex-M0 ST-Link Jan 2017
NUCLEO-F072RB Cortex-M0 ST-Link Jan 2017
STM32L1xx STM32L125C-Discovery Cortex-M3 ST-Link STM32L1xx Jan 2017
NUCLEO-L152RE Cortex-M3 ST-Link Jan 2017
STM32F100 STM32VL-Discovery Cortex-M3 ST-Link STM32F1xx Jan 2017
NUCLEO-F103RB Cortex-M3 ST-Link Jan 2017
STM32L4 NUCLEO-L476RG Cortex-M4 ST-Link STM32L4xx Jan 2017

STM32F3-Discovery Cortex-M4 ST-Link STM32F3xx Jan 2017
NUCLEO-F302R8 Cortex-M4 ST-Link Jan 2017
NUCLEO-F303RE Cortex-M4 ST-Link Jan 2017
NUCLEO-F334R8 Cortex-M4 ST-Link Jan 2017

STM32F4-Discovery Cortex-M4 ST-Link STM32F4xx Jan 2017
NUCLEO-F401RE Cortex-M4 ST-Link Jan 2017
NUCLEO-F411RE Cortex-M4 ST-Link Jan 2017
STM32F429-Discovery Cortex-M4 ST-Link Jan 2017

STM32F746-Discovery Cortex-M7 ST-Link STM32F7xx Jan 2017
STM32F746ZG-Nucleo Cortex-M7 ST-Link Jan 2017
STM32F767ZI-Nucleo Cortex-M7 ST-Link Jan 2017
Texas Instruments MSP432 MSP432P410R-Launchpad Cortex-M4 XDS100/CMSIS-DAP MSP432 Jan 2017
Vorago Technologies VA108x0 REB1-VA108x0 Cortex-M0 J-Link VA108xx Jan 2017