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iSYSTEM Hardware User Manuals

Important safety notice


General safety instructions - Please read the following safety precautions carefully before putting this device to use to avoid any personal injuries, damage to the instrument, or to the target system. Use this instrument only for its intended purpose as specified by this manual to prevent potential hazards.


Use included power cord and power supply - The enclosed power supply has been approved for use by iSYSTEM. Please contact iSYSTEM if you need to consider an alternative power.


Use grounding wire - Prior to applying power to either the BlueBox or the target, connect the device and the target system together with the included grounding wire. This is to avoid potential damage caused by any voltage difference between the device and the target system.


Use proper overvoltage protection - Please ensure proper protection to avoid exposing the BlueBox device or the operator to overvoltage surges (e.g. caused by thunderstorm, mains power).


Do not operate without cover - Do not operate the device with cover removed.


Avoid circuit and wire exposure - Do not touch exposed components or wires when the device is powered.


Do not operate with suspected damage - If you suspect damage may have occurred, the BlueBox device must be inspected by qualified service personnel before further operation.


Do not operate the device outside its rated supply voltage or environmental range - Consult with iSYSTEM before using equipment outside of the parameters provided in this manual.



This symbol is used within the manual to highlight further safety notices.

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