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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.253


This topic describes how to configure fonts and saving options for Analyzer Recording.


To modify general display settings click Options button Options-icon in the Analyzer Toolbar.




Fonts - Press Change to change the fonts in the Trace window.



Auto save when saving workspace - Check to automatically save the analyzer document when the workspace is saved.

Save symbol image - Save the symbol image in the analyzer file. Necessary when reviewing the analyzer recording and the matching download files are no longer available.

Save source code - Save source code in the analyzer file. Option increases the analyzer file size, but is useful when reviewing the analyzer recording where the source files are not available.

Save recording - Save the raw recording to the analyzer file. If disabled only coverage measurements will be saved.

Remaining disk quota in GB - Verify how much disk space you actually have on a system disk or on a disk on which ISYSTEM_TEMP variable points to. In case you don’t have enough free space on system disk, store your temporary Analyzer files on other disk and redirect ISYSTEM_TEMP to point to that folder.

Show performance counters - When checked winIDEA will dump analyzer session analysis performance counters in the Analyzer Output window.


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