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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.174

Analyzer Recording

Once the Analyzer is configured, you can start the trace recording. This chapter covers details on starting an analyzer session, inspecting the recoded data and saving the files for later use.



Recording an Analyzer session



Configure the Analyzer.

Make sure:

  • Analyzer is properly configured.
  • Debug Session is established.




Run the Analyzer.

1. Press Analyzer Configuration drop-down AnalyzerRecording-AnalyzerConfigurationDropDown to select the Analyzer Configuration you wish to use.  

2. Press Begin New Session AnalyzerRecording-BeginNewSessionButton  to start the Analyzer session. Analyzer status bar will show WAITING AnalyzerRecording-StatusBar-WAITING until a trigger is signaled. Refer to the Recorder Configuration chapter to learn more about the trigger.



Trigger Immediately/Start On Trigger

Once the trigger is signaled, analyzer status bar will show SAMPLING AnalyzerRecording-StatusBar-SAMPLING as long as the BlueBox is recording. Note the dark yellow bar - displays the amount of the trace buffer which is currently filled. Refer to the Trace Technologies chapter to learn more about the technical limitations.



Continuous Mode

In case continuous mode is selected, the dark green bar in the status bar AnalyzerRecording-StatusBar-WAITINGContinuousMode will indicate how much the BlueBox trace buffer has been already filled.




Stop the Analyzer session.

The Analyzer session can be terminated several ways:

  • Press Stop AnalyzerRecording-StopButton in the Analyzer toolbar to stop the Analyzer session. Note that loading and analysis will still be performed.
  • Press Stop AnalyzerRecording-StopButton in the winIDEA Debug toolbar to stop the CPU, which also stops the Analyzer session.
  • Automatically, if the BlueBox trace buffer / OCTB is filled (except when the continuous mode of operation is used).
  • Automatically, if the Analyzer file reaches the continuous mode.



Once the Analyzer stops recording, it will continue LOADING the trace data. Status bar will display LOADING AnalyzerRecording-StatusBar-LOADING. Note the dark yellow bar indicates the amount of trace data left to transfer to the PC.


The file size status bar AnalyzerRecording-StatusBar-File indicates how full the Analyzer file is - in case the file is full, the loading will stop and the recording will be incomplete. Refer to the Recorder Configuration to learn how the file size limitation can be changed.

Loading of the trace data can be manually stopped by clicking the Stop AnalyzerRecording-StopButton button (analysis will still be performed).




Analyze trace data.

Once the trace data is uploaded to the PC, it is immediately analyzed:

  • Program flow reconstruction
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Profiler analysis).


During this time the status bar will show Analyzing AnalyzerRecording-StatusBar-Analyzing.




Re-analyze (optional).

In case you would like to change some analyzer settings/use different version of winIDEA, you can re-analyze the existing trace data.

1. Press Re-analyze last session AnalyzerRecording-ReAnalyzeButton button.

2. Press Stop AnalyzerRecording-StopButton to manually stop the analysis of the trace data.




Inspect the recorded information.

Once the Analyzer finishes the analysis, you can view (based on the Analyzer Configuration):




Configure the Analyzer Recording for saving (optional).

You can configure how to save the Analyzer Recording by clicking the Options AnalyzerRecording-OptionsButton button. Refer to Analyzer Options / General page.




Save the Analyzer Recording.

Once the Analyzer recording is complete, you can save it via:

  • File menu / Save
  • CTRL+S


while the Analyzer window is selected. File will be saved as a .trd, iSYSTEM proprietary file format.


You can also choose to export the Trace, Coverage or Profiler data to a number of supported formats, but they can not be imported to winIDEA again and used as an Analyzer file.




Set information (optional).

Add various information to you Analyzer Recording. Refer to the Analyzer Recording information chapter.



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