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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.218

NXP LPC Boot and Memory Remapping

On Cortex-M devices from LPC family a Boot Rom is present with code that is executed on reset and a memory mapping register (MEMMAP, SYSMEMREMAP). In winIDEA version 9.12.178 a following change of handling session initialization and memory remapping was introduced.


After debug connection is established the target CPU is released from reset and stopped at beginning of boot code. Initial stack pointer and reset vector is read from flash. Breakpoint is set on initial reset vector from flash. At this point CPU is ran and boot is executed. When CPU hits the breakpoint it is stopped. If the flash does not contain valid reset vector CPU is stopped with delay. Flash is then mapped to address 0x00000000 and initial stack pointer and reset vector are loaded to R13 and R15 registers respectively. User finds the CPU in this state.


Initialization script can be used if mapping RAM to beginning of memory space is desired after reset.

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