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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.227

Create New Configuration

When creating a new trace configuration, Trace will be performed, because it's the basis for the analysis.





Profiler - Enable to view results in Profiler Timeline.

Coverage -  Enable to view results.


Hardware Trigger

Automatic - Configure the trace settings based on the analysis you wish to perform. winIDEA determines best configuration for desired analysis, while considering CPU trace architecture limitations.

Wizard  - After creating the new configuration, Trigger Wizard is started that enables you to create most commonly used triggers.

Manual - Manual Hardware Trigger configuration is enabled.

Program flow + Instrumentation - Trigger is set to record program flow and instrumentation messages.

Trace Templates - Opens the list of available templates, from which you can select the desired template and modify template’s parameters:


If you wish to use multiple configurations interchangeably, create new additional configurations.

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