e200 cache viewer

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e200 cache viewer

200 cache viewer plugin displays the cache configuration, cache content and its properties.

Select Plugins / e200 cache viewer to load the plugin.



Select Plugins / e200 cache viewer / Options... to edit the plugin options:


Configuration display

Select Plugins / e200 cache viewer / Configuration to view the cache configuration.

Configuration window shows the enhanced view of the L1 Cache Control and Status Register (L1CSR0) and L1 Cache Configuration Register (L1CFG0). Displayed information corresponds to the register bit fields.


e200 cache viewer - Configuration Window


Cache content display

Select Plugins / e200 cache viewer / Cache to view the contents of the cache.

Cache window displays the cache contents and tag fields. Cache data is displayed only if ShowData option is checked in the plugin options.


e200 cache viewer - Cache Window

e200 cache viewer - Cache Toolbar


Display the cache content as a tree.


Display only locked entries.


Display only dirty entries.


Display only valid entries.