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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.200


Right-click within Editor Window and select Options / Auto-completion.


Auto-completion gives suggestions in a suggestion window while typing. Scrolling through the suggestions is possible with the arrow keys and accepting a suggestion with Enter key. Suggestions are shown when available and can be also manually displayed with  keyboard shortcut (by default CTRL+Space). It is enabled by default.


The Auto-completion system uses a dictionary-based engine and semantic-based engine for generating suggestions.

Dictionary-based engine - Searches in all currently open files, suggesting similar words from those files. It is available for all types of files and it has no language awareness.

Semantic-based engine is language-aware. It is currently only available for C, C++ and Python. By default it is used only when necessary (e.g. when suggesting class members).





Enable auto-completion - Check to enable Auto-completion.

Replace rest of word - Check to automatically replace the word.

Force semantic completion - When enabled the dictionary-based engine is disabled and only semantic completion is used.



It gives more accurate results, but results in slower operation, meaning suggestion may not be available at all times.



Icons in the Suggestion window




Suggestion is dictionary-based.


Suggestion is a class or a struct.


Suggestion is a define or a macro.


Suggestion is an enum.


Suggestion is a keyword/reserved word (e.g. int, void, extern in C and C++).


Suggestion is a function/method.


Suggestion is a variable.



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