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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.150

Custom Configuration

This chapter describes how to add a custom initialization script and edit it's parameters.


winIDEA IDE is distributed together with custom initialization scripts which are located in the SFR folder. Default settings should work in most cases. Configuration of other parameters can be set via dialog manually.



Load custom initialization script

winIDEA can read these file types: winIDEA format (.ini), C++ files (.cpp) - EVE scripts.



1. Open Hardware menu / CPU Options / Reset.

2. Press Default button.

3. Select Custom from the drop-down menu.

4. Select an initialization script. Initialization script appears in the Scripts field.

5. (Optional). Edit script parameters.



Note that the same procedure is valid for Hardware menu / CPU Options / Analyzer / SoC Initialization Before Start.



Configure initialization script parameters via dialog


1. Load custom initialization script. Selected initialization script appears in the Scripts field.

2. Click on the arrow button and select Parameters for <.cpp> file.


3. Edit parameters in the Edit options dialog.



Configure initialization script parameters manually

In the image above g_eTraceData0 and g_eTraceData0 is on PORT_7, which appears in the Scripts description field. Note that parameters can be set manually as well by typing in the Script field.





Connect section can read .cpp files only.


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