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Version: 9.21.36

Profiler Analysis

Profiler is a real-time analysis tool, which uses the acquired trace information to derive high-level analysis of the application real-time behavior.




Refer to the Profiler Configuration chapter to learn how to configure the Profiler to record the desired data.



Measurable Events

Based on the acquired trace information, the Profiler can determine:

  • How many times an event occurred
  • How long did the event last
  • The minimum, maximum and average event duration



Data for analysis

Any data that can be recorded with iSYSTEM tools can be used as a basis for the analysis:

  • Program execution trace (function execution)
  • Data trace (data writes, OS task switches)
  • Instrumentation messages (custom event signaling, OS task switches)
  • Network messages (CAN, LIN messages)
  • Digital/Analog IO signals


Once the required events are detected, you can also configure Profiler Inspectors, which are events derived from the recorded events and can be used to analyze event chains, measure time constraint violations and much more.



Displaying the data

This information is displayed in the:



Exporting the data

Profiled data can optionally be exported to various formats (Text1, XML, BTF, MDF).




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