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Version: 9.21.218


Profiler is a real-time analysis tool, which uses the acquired trace information to derive high-level analysis of the application real-time behavior. Refer to the Profiler Configuration chapter to learn how to configure the Profiler to record the desired data.


Measurable Events

Based on the acquired trace information, the Profiler can determine:

How many times an event occurred

How long did the event last

The minimum, maximum and average event duration

The period between consecutive event occurrences

Sequence of various events

Time between arbitrary events



Trace data for the analysis

Any data that can be recorded with iSYSTEM tools can be used as a basis for the analysis of:

Program execution (function execution)

Data accesses (data writes and reads, OS events)

Instrumentation messages (custom event signaling, OS events)

Network messages (CAN, LIN messages)

Digital/Analog IO signals


Recorded data is automatically processed by winIDEA. In addition, you can also do custom post processing analysis by configuring configuring Profiler Inspectors. Inspectors generate events derived from the recorded ones. You can use them to analyze event chains, measure time constraint violations and much more.



OS events


A context is defined as a thread of execution managed by the OS scheduler, also known as a task, interrupt, thread, ... Depending on the signalization, contexts can be either shown as running/terminated or they can have multiple states.


During program flow analysis, winIDEA reconstructs function call-stacks; it is therefore mandatory to record all context switches if program flow profiling is enabled.



Each function area has a separate set of statistics, one for each context, in which it was executed.





Analyzed similarly to functions.





Spinlocks mechanism that limits unwanted access to shared data. Spinlocks are



Requested -  With instrumentation, winIDEA can also detect this state, which indicates that some context has requested a lock, but has not gotten it yet.

Polling - With such an instrumentation, spinlock can also affect the context analysis with additional state, which means that context is actively waiting to obtain a spinlock.


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Service Trace

Shows when a service is running. Services are OS specific. See also System Service Trace profiling.

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Displaying the data

This information is displayed in the:

Profiler Statistics window

Profiler Timeline window



Exporting the data

Profiled data can optionally be exported to various formats (Text1, XML, BTF, MDF).


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