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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.137

Project window

Project window allows you to organize your project files  which you can use if you feel the need to



Opening Project window

Open the Project window from the View menu / Project / Project or by clicking the Project button ProjectButton in the Debug toolbar.





Project root with current target

When a new project is created, a Target named Debug is generated automatically.



Collection of project files (Info, Linker files, Source files, Dependencies). Every Group exists in every target and groups the same project files. Besides being a visual aid in browsing project hierarchy, group names can be used in the link process. Groups do not have compilation and assembly settings, output directories etc.


Project files

winIDEA divides project files by their extension into four types:

  • compiler source files (typically .C extension)
  • assembler source files (e.g. .ASM,…)
  • object and library files (e.g. .OBJ,…)
  • files that do not take part in the build process - text files, graphics - anything that you find handy to have available by mouse click in the Project Window.



External libraries and framework.



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