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Version: 9.21.218

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User interface

winIDEA is a windows based application.


The user interface is customizable and can be adapted to your preferences. It organizes project development in workspaces.

Each workspace contains the information on how the files necessary for a successful build of your project are related to each other, along with information on other features that aid development, such as bookmarks, breakpoints, desktop layout etc.


Virtually, all of the workspace information (except some user preferences, like color and keyboard settings) is stored in a workspace file (XJRF and JRF extension). Ideally you will organize your project in a new directory where the workspace file will be located. This is considered to be your working directory.


You are free to create sub-directories and place your source files there. All file path information in a workspace is stored relative to the workspace file location, so you will be able to move, copy and share the workspace to any other directory without disturbing its functionality.


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