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All in one download
winIDEA, testIDEA, daqIDEA and isystem.connect SDK for Python, including example workspaces for a wide variety of microcontroller architectures.

Supported Operating systems
Downloads are available for winIDEA native OS environment Microsoft Windows (supported Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10).

To use our software on Linux (Ubuntu tested), please follow the Linux installation link.

winIDEA development is a continuous process. See our Release Policy Licensing Policy and the Release Notes for details.

Latest builds

Find listed below the most recent verified builds for our software tools.

04/2020winIDEA 9.17.152

First build supporting:
  • MPC5x/SPC5x Aurora Active Probe
  • ARM HSSTP II Active Probe


First build supporting:
  • Infineon AGBT Active Probe
Last build supporting:
  • RH850 on iC3000 with iCard

04/2018winIDEA 9.17.39

First build supporting:
  • IOM6 Accessory (ADIO, CAN/LIN, FNet triggering)
Last build supporting:
  • IOM2 and IOM5

Legacy builds

Find listed below verified builds for legacy products.


Last build supporting:
  • iC3000 (iC3000HS and iC3000GT remain supported)
  • all Active PODs, Active PRO/GT PODs, iTRACE PRO/GT platform
  • Architectures: ARM7, ARM9, NXP S12 and S12X, NXP ColdFire, NXP MPC devices except for MPC5xxx, Renesas 78K, 78K0R and RL78

10/2015winIDEA 9.12.256

Last build supporting:
  • iC1000, iC2000 and iC4000
  • Architectures: HC16, 6502, M-CORE, CRX, 56k and COP8
  • iONE1xx and iONE2xx
  • ITMPC55xx, ITLPC2138, Š-ARM (LPC2138) and FRI-SMS (AT91SAM9260)
  • ITAG-U-ARM (IF-DEV combo) and ITAG2-U-ARM (IF-DEV2 combo)

04/2015winIDEA 9.12.225

Last build supporting:
  • TMS470 ActivePODs
  • Architectures: Z80, x86, 6809, HC05, 196, 251, MARC4, ST7, MSP430, PIC and 8031