Verified Release 9.12.225

Last build which supports iC1000, iC2000, iC4000.
Last build which supports Z80, x68, 6809, HC05, 196, 251, MARC4, ST7, MSP430, TMS570 ActivePOD, PIC, 8031 architecture.

The installation file includes winIDEA, testIDEA, USB drivers, sample projects and updated help on iSYSTEM software and hardware.

OS Edition File Build Version Size Release Date Mirror Link SHA1
  Installer 64-bit winIDEA 9.12.225 64-bit  9.12.225 331 MB 04/2015   SHA1
  Installer 32-bit winIDEA 9.12.225 32-bit  9.12.225 335 MB 04/2015   SHA1

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SDK Verified Release 9.12.225

The downloads provided here are suitable for the winIDEA download provided on its download page.

File Programming Language Size Release Date Notes SHA1 C++ 78,52MB 04/2015 SDK for use in the development of C++ applications SHA1 C# 10MB 04/2015 SDK for use in the development of C# applications SHA1 Java 17,02MB 04/2015 SDK for use in the development of Java applications SHA1 LabView 6,18MB 04/2015 VI library for LabVIEW to drive and access winIDEA functionality from within a LabVIEW application. SHA1 MATLAB 8,93MB 04/2015 SDK for use in the development of MATLAB applications SHA1 Python 30,55MB 04/2015 Access winIDEA from a Python application. Contains installers for Python 2.7, Python 3.3, and Python 3.4. SHA1 Pearl 20,48MB 04/2015 Access winIDEA from a Perl application. SHA1