Back to school: Spring Semester 2021


Webinar season 2021 has already started with a few reruns of our most popular topics from 2020.

Which topics attracted the most participants in 2020 and what new topics are you going to listen to in the first half of 2021?


Most popular topics of 2020

These are our hit topics that we periodically update and repeat.


Automation with scripting

Who wouldn’t want to automate every repetitive and boring task? Automating debug and test controls with our public API isystem.connect is for sure the most popular topic.


Beyond printf() debugging - Introduction to trace

Recording and analyzing microcontroller activity can be the most efficient and for certain problems the only debugging technique. This method is also the most underutilized. We aim to share our knowledge to help you pinpoint errors in your embedded software even faster.


Testing without code instrumentation

Code instrumentation changes the real-time behavior of an embedded application. Testing with iSYSTEM BlueBox and its winIDEA / testIDEA development and test software takes place on a target microcontroller and doesn’t require altering your code. It’s like you’re silently observing your embedded code in its “natural habitat”.


Timing analysis

Measuring and analyzing timing behavior of your embedded software can be applied on many use cases during development and test; from searching for potential bottlenecks to determining compliance with software requirements and security standards.


Fresh topics for 2021

New year, new topics … and a new webinar platform! We’ll reveal the platform soon. But for now let’s take a peek into the fresh topics you could participate in our spring semester starting in February.


Infineon AURIX™ series

Sometimes there is just too much content to present in a single session. Our knowledge about Infineon AURIX™ microcontroller features and how to utilize them is one of such topics. So we are introducing a webinar series. What’s even better is that an expert from Infineon is joining these sessions to explain a few things first hand. This webinar series will be available in English and Spanish language.


Continuous Integration (CI) Series

Likewise for Continuous Integration. We need a series to explain what it is, how you can benefit from implementing it and how to do it with iSYSTEM tools.


NXP S32K3 Debug and Trace

Are you planning to use one of the microcontrollers from the new NXP S32K3 family for your next project? Join this webinar to learn about the debugging and tracing and how to utilize them during development and testing.


winIDEA 9.21

New winIDEA version brings some fundamental changes in the debugging and tracing concepts. Join this webinar to learn more about it.


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