Infineon/iSYSTEM TriCore™ AURIX™ Webinar Series - Session IV – Cache Performance Analysis via Trace


An efficient utilization of on-chip Cache Memories can significantly enhance the performance of an embedded systems. The Infineon TriCore™ AURIX™ microcontroller features both tightly-coupled program as well as data caches.

In this Webinar we first explain briefly how caches work in general. We then provide some basic guidance for how and when to use caches in AURIX™ devices.  In the second part of the Webinar we demonstrate how the Data Cache Performance can be analyzed by means of trace, by measuring parameters such as function runtime, but also parameters such as Cache Hit/Miss ratios and Clocks per Instruction (CPI) over time. 


Matthias Marquardt, Microcontroller FAE, Infineon Germany 

Armin Stingl, Senior Systems Engineer, iSYSTEM Germany 

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