AUTOSAR OS and RTE Profiling of Vector MICROSAR Applications with Instrumentation

iSYSTEM webinar/tutorial specific to the Vector MICROSAR Operating System

In this webinar we will take a detailed look into OS and RTE profiling of an MICROSAR OS based application. Specifically, we will utilize the Vector OS timing hooks to record task states and ISRs, as well as the VBF trace hooks to record Runnable events.

The use-case is relevant for microcontrollers that have limited trace capabilities, such as the RH850 family with Software Trace, and microcontrollers that have a limited trace bandwidth or number of data trace comparators, such as Cortex-M based devices with SWO trace. However, even on microcontrollers with more trace capabilities, such as the Infineon AURIX Emulation Devices, instrumentation may be required to record a Runnable trace for extended periods of time.

The goal of this webinar is to give users a full understanding of the steps necessary to record the OS and RTE behavior of their MICROSAR application via instrumentation. We go through the different configuration steps in DaVinci Configurator, the iSYSTEM trace configuration helper (iTCHi), and finally winIDEA. The demo will be done on an Infineon TC399XE based application, but the knowledge is applicable to the other architectures mentioned above. 

Live recording is available here.

When: Thursday, June 25th, 3pm CEST (UTC+2)
Who: Felix Martin, Systems Engineer, iSYSTEM USA
  • 8:45 - Thread State Profiling via OS Timing Hooks (data trace)
  • 9:35 - iSYSTEM Trace Configuration Helper iTCHi
  • 26:29 - Thread State Profiling via OS Timing Hooks (Renesas RH850 software trace)
  • 26:40 - What is software trace?
  • 33:17 - Runnable Profiling via RTE VFB Trace Hooks

Additional information: iSYSTEM AUTOSAR Application Notes

If you are not familiar with AUTOSAR based timing analysis, you can start by watching our webinar AUTOSAR CLASSIC Timing Analysis - Hardware Trace Based Real-Time Analysis.



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