Start your embedded career with winIDEA Community Edition


Renamed and refreshed: Brand new free IDE released. 

Work with a professional tool for free

winIDEA Community Edition (previously known as winIDEA Open) is an ARM Cortex-M software development and test platform that requires no license. The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is included in this edition and supports the following 3rd party debug tools: STMicroelectronics ST-Link, Segger J-Link and ARM CMSIS-DAP.

Edit, build and flash embedded software

An integrated Editor and Build Manager provide source code editing and project build process automation. The developed application can be reliably downloaded and programmed to the flash memory for basic debugging by using supported 3rd party debug tools.

Display code execution

Code execution is clearly displayed at both the source-code and disassembler levels, all time-synchronized.

Watch the variables in real time

Variables of every complexity, including arrays and structures, can be added to watch windows and be continuously updated in real-time, where supported.

Automate and optimize with scripting

The menu interface can be expanded via scripts written in Python to automate the more complex operating steps during your day-to-day development process.

Why use winIDEA Community Edition?

It is perfect for student or home embedded projects featuring popular low-cost development boards and non safety or timing critical applications. 

You never know, your home project can grow into a commercial success. Having worked with a community edition, transition to a professional IDE should be seamless.

Also commercial projects can be developed with the free edition, however no direct technical support is provided as well as no regular updates.


How to start?

  1. Download the free winIDEA Community Edition from our website.
  2. Install workspace examples to help you get started
  3. Check our online resources for more information:


When to upgrade to commercial winIDEA?

When your embedded application needs more insight that isn’t provided by the basic debugging offered by the free IDE, such as:

  • Timing analysis and code coverage
  • External flash programming
  • AUTOSAR awareness
  • Using compiler / MCU architecture / debug interface that isn’t supported in the free edition.

Contact us for more information about the upgrading.