Upskill with iSYSTEM webinars


In September we return with sharing our extensive knowledge in our webinars. Join us and expand your embedded knowledge.


New Topics

In previous webinars we mostly talked about general topics such as Continuous Integration, Test automation using Python, Benefits of tracing and Profiling AUTOSAR based applications.

This time around we dig deeper into debugging, profiling and testing embedded applications with iSYSTEM tools. These are some of the talking points for the remainder of this year:


Debugging and Tracing the ARM Cortex-M devices

The energy-efficient ARM Cortex-M based devices are gaining popularity in the automotive community. We will talk about their debug and trace modules and how to set up a project in winIDEA IDE.

Bonus: Live demo on NXP S32K14x and Cypress Traveo.


Non-Intrusive On-Target Software Test with testIDEA 

Integrated test environment allows on-target testing without code instrumentation. We will show how to create and perform unit and integration tests.

Topic includes: Test automation and Continuous Integration


Correlation of Trace and CAN/LIN Bus Information

The relationship between system buses and embedded software execution is becoming more relevant during embedded development and testing. We will demonstrate how to capture the bus network data and display it in parallel to the microcontroller code execution domain. 


winIDEA Trace Profiler

Profiling an embedded application is one of the basics in automotive timing analysis. We will present how to utilize winIDEA Analyzer to reach automotive standard compliance.

Topics: Profiler Timeline and Statistics, Code/Data/OS Profiling, Profiler Operating Modes, Function Profiling Statistics (Net, Gross, Call...) 


Code Coverage

Code coverage is a measurement used in software testing. It is an indirect quantitative measure of test quality. We will discuss how to increase code and test quality with iSYSTEM tools by finding areas of a program not exercised by a set of test cases, as well as finding code that is never executed and identifying redundant test cases.

Supported: Statement, Function, Call, Branch, Decision Coverage and MC/DC.



We will also repeat some of the previous topics in different languages and/or other timezones to accommodate our users all across the world.


Stay tuned

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