IOM Power Probe

To help with the analysis of low-power applications, the IOM Power Probe enables embedded development engineers to collate data with regard to power consumption of their application. Regardless of the need for a better understanding of the low-power mode of the microcontroller, or how the entire system's circuitry reacts to switching into and out of sleep and standby modes, the Power Probes measurements deliver the results required to detect issues early in the development process. When combined with the Analyzer information captured by iSYSTEM BlueBox On-Chip Analyzer technology, power consumption can be compared with the state of your application code or an RTOS task.

IOM Power Probe
The Power Probe measures target power consumption

Supported across the range

Regardless of the BlueBox technology in use, the IOM Power Probe can be put to use. It is compatible with all IOM Accessories that feature an analog input, such as the IOM6 ADIO, IOM5 and IOM2.

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