IOM2 Accessories

When delving deep into embedded applications, sometimes you need to understand more than simply what the microcontroller is doing. In conjunction with the iC5000 BlueBox™ On-Chip Analyzer, the IOM2 accessories deliver the status of digital and analog signals in the domain of the microcontroller, displaying their relationship to code execution or real-time operation system (RTOS) task state.

Mini-HIL for Continuous Testing

As well as offering digital and analog inputs, the IOM2 accessory also provides digital and analog outputs. These can, for simple testing purposes, be controlled via the graphical user interface (GUI) within winIDEA. But if you are interested in improving code quality through regular testing, these interfaces can provide much, much more.

Supporting several programming languages, such as Python, Java and C#, our software developer kit (SDK) isystem.connect delivers the ultimate in flexibility. By linking the IOM2 to your target system, along with the debug interface of the iC5000 to your target microcontroller, it is possible to develop scripts that flash your microcontroller with the latest build of your application and execute unit, integration and system tests. This "Mini-HIL" can be set up to run overnight or at the weekend when the iC5000 BueBox™ would otherwise not be in use.

Fully automated testing, with test report and code coverage generation, can be implemented simply using tools such as Jenkins, Hudson or Bamboo. Simply integrate with your existing code repository and, every morning, you can quickly see the impact new commits have had on the functionality of your software drivers, operating system port, or your entire application.

Feature IOM2 IOM2-D
Digital Inputs (5V Tolerant) 8 24
Digital Outputs 8 8
Analog Inputs (8-bit, ±5.0V, 1MSPS) 2 0
Analog Outputs (8-bit, ±4.5V, ±7.0mA Drive) 2 2
Current Sense Port Yes No
10MHz TCXO precision oscillator Optional Optional
IOM2 Digital/Analog I/O Module

More digital required?

The standard IOM2 features 8 digital inputs and outputs and 2 analog inputs and outputs. However, in situations where more digital analysis is required, the IOM2-D offers 24 digital inputs at the expense of losing the 2 analog inputs. All analog interfaces feature 8-bit resolution with ±5.0V DC on the inputs and driving ±4.5V DC on the outputs. The digital signals are all 3.3V LVTTL compatible, ESD protected, with the inputs being 5.0V tolerant. Sampling of all inputs and outputs is 1MSPS.

Document Description
IOM2 & IOM2-D Brochure (1.85MB)

Get the insights you need on the IOM2 and IOM2-D, their features and capabilities.

BlueBox Accessories Overview (7.95MB)

If you want to know which of iSYSTEM’s BlueBox™ On-Chip Analyzers is best for your needs, this overview will provide the answers you’re looking for.

IOM2 & IOM2-D Technical User Manual (1.19MB)

Download the full user manual for the IOM2 and IOM2-D, covering start-up, configuration and usage scenarios.

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