Designed specifically to support the high-speed serial interfaces featured on advanced 32-bit microcontrollers, the iC6000 is a  development tool for tackling some of the most challenging multi-core embedded software development challenges. Featuring an AURORA interface, a serial protocol defined by Xilinx, this BlueBox technology can extract trace data at speeds of up to 15 Gbps and features 8GB of SRAM for local buffering of the data.

In order to ensure that the results can be efficiently delivered to the development PC, the tool features a USB3.0 interface. winIDEA, with its Analyzer feature and advanced trigger configuration, provides deep insights into code execution synchronized with any digital or analog signals captured with the IOM5 accessory, when fitted.

Due to its very specific feature set, this device is only suitable for the Infineon AURIX™ (TriCore based) family of devices, Renesas' RH850 and PowerArchitecture based products.

More Insights

As the previous BlueBox technology, the iC6000 can be expanded using the IOM5 Input/Output Module. The resulting system is then able to capture up to 8 digital and 2 analog signals that are spliced into the trace data as displayed in the Analyzer within winIDEA. For those difficult timing challenges, such a feature enables the development team to check the relationship between signals around the system and software modules or operating system tasks that should be responsible for generating them.
In addition, the IOM5 provides, separately, 8 digital and 2 analog outputs. These can be controlled directly through the winIDEA IDE, to trigger functionality on the target embedded system. Additionally, together with our isystem.connect SDK, scripts can be written to perform automated testing or signal generation, potentially simplifying the examination of a use case or test procedure.

Technical Data:
Communication interfaces to PC

USB 3.0, 10/100 Ethernet

Debug signal valid input voltage range

1.8V to 5.5V DC

Trace Buffer Size


Trace Bandwidth

up to 15 Gbps

Trace Support


Supported Processor Architectures
  • Infineon AURIX™
  • Renesas RH850
  • Power Architecture® 
iC6000 BlueBox On-Chip Analyzer
Document Description
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iC6000 Technical User Manual (2.43MB)

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