BSC0002 - Getting started with testIDEA

Online Training for iSYSTEM Software and Hardware Tools (Alpha Version)

Many thanks for taking the time to visit our preliminary Online Training Portal. We are currently in the alpha-testing phase of our second training package which we are sharing with select customers to acquire early feedback on content, design, benefit and quality.

This second training package is focused on our testIDEA unit testing software which utilizes our BlueBox On-Chip Analyzer technology. Regardless of whether you have the time to review the material in its entirety, or only can review a few units, your feedback on its effectiveness and accuracy would help us greatly.

Once you have completed the course, we would be grateful if you could provide us with your feedback using our online survey.

BSC0002 - Introduction to testIDEA

This training introduces our integrated testing environment testIDEA. It focuses on the basics, starting with the creation of simple unit tests, then increasing the complexity to include testing of C++ constructors and methods and state-machines. We demonstrate how to import test vectors created in Excel into testIDEA and show how code coverage can be measured, even when the target microcontroller is missing the required hardware trace functionality. Finally, we provide an example of how testIDEA can be used to export a suite of tests as a Python script, allowing Continuous Integration (CI) tools such as Jenkins and Bamboo to automate testing and evaluation of test results.


This alpha version will shortly be accompanied by a lab manual that contains practical exercises, allowing the learner to try out their new knowledge. The lab manual will be laid out to use the iC5000 together with the Atmel SAM3X8E (as featured on the Arduino DUE). Later versions will cover a variety of BlueBox technology and various MCU architectures.

BSC0002 - Accompanying Source Code

Accompanying this on-line training course are practical excersises. You can download the source code from our iSYSTEM BitBucket respository or simply clone the respository using git. Please note, you may need to create a BitBucket account to clone the repository.

BSC0002 BitBucket Repository

BSC0002 - Laboratory Manuals

The laboratory manual for BSC0002 is in the final review phase and will be made available shortly.

The exercises are covered in the accompanying laboratory manual. Currently, the examples are created for the Microchip (Atmel) SAM3X together with the iC5000. Support for further processors are being developed. If you wish to work with a different microcontroller, please let us know.

Lab Manual - BSC0002


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We are proud to highlight our partner, Eclipseina, without whom this project would not have to come fruition. Through dedicated and close cooperation, iSYSTEM has profited from the skill of the Eclipseina team in the curation of effective, high-quality learning material based upon proven didactical principles and approaches, along with their careful eye for professional layout and design.