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ST SPC58 4B Line Emulation Adapter V2.4

ST SPC58 (Chorus) 4B Line Emulation Adapter primary use case is providing Nexus trace functionality for the SPC58 4B Line devices in the QFP packages, where Nexus trace port is not available. It is based on the 176-pin "superset" device with 2MB program and provides the adaptation to:


100-pin and

144-pin Target package.



The Emulation Adapter might differ in some peripherals from the target device; therefore, the device datasheet should be checked.


Alternative use case is also a Standalone operation. In this case customer can start developing and testing the application while his target may not be available yet.


Complete Emulation Adapter is split into individual parts which makes it flexible when support for different target packages is required. A typical setup in conjunction with the target contains:

IEA-SPC584B (Microcontroller part)

Conversion board

Solder part



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