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iSYSTEM Hardware User Manuals

ST SPC58 H Line Emulation Adapter V1.2


ST SPC58 (Chorus) H Line Emulation Adapter primary use case is providing Nexus trace functionality for the SPC58 H Line devices in the:


176-pin QFP package Adaptation


where Nexus trace port is not available.


Alternative use case is a Standalone operation, where you can start developing and testing the application while his target may not be available yet.


ST SPC58 H Line Emulation Adapter is based on the "superset" SPC58NH92C5 device in the BGA386 package on which the Nexus trace port is also exposed and available (P1 connector). It’s a "superset" device with 10MB program flash and can emulate all ST SPC58 H Line devices in smaller packages.


Complete Emulation Adapter is split into individual parts which makes it flexible when support for different target packages is required. A typical setup in conjunction with the target contains:

IEA-SPC58NH (Microcontroller part)

Conversion board

Solder part


iSYSTEM Debug and Trace solutions

Trace provides non-intrusive and deep insight in the embedded application without influencing real-time behavior. It can be used to debug the most difficult and complex code defects and offers a complete trace history capture of the program execution.


iSYSTEM BlueBox combined with Debug Adapters provides high-speed connection to the target device using a variety of debug/trace interfaces. Furthermore, IOM6 accessories enable the synchronous capture of analog and digital signals in parallel to trace information.  Hardware tools coupled with winIDEA IDE enable reliable recording of program flow and data trace. Integrated measurement and visualization tool Analyzer provides graphical presentation of execution time analysis and much more.



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