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ST SPC58 H Line Emulation Adapter V1.9

ST SPC58 (Chorus) H Line Emulation Adapter primary use case is providing Nexus trace functionality for the SPC58 H Line devices in the:





where Nexus trace port is not available.



The Emulation Adapter might differ in some peripherals from the target device; therefore, the device datasheet should be checked.


Alternative use case is a Standalone operation, where you can start developing and testing the application while his target may not be available yet.


ST SPC58 H Line Emulation Adapter is based on the "superset" SPC58NH92C5 device in the BGA386 package on which the Nexus trace port is also exposed and available (P1 connector). It’s a "superset" device with 10MB program flash and can emulate all ST SPC58 H Line devices in smaller packages.


Complete Emulation Adapter is split into individual parts which makes it flexible when support for different target packages is required. A typical setup in conjunction with the target contains:

IEA-SPC58NH (Microcontroller part)

Conversion board

Solder part



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