isys::CWinIDEAVersion Class Reference


This class contains a winIDEA version number.

It is not intended to be instantiated by clients; use isys::CIDEController::getWinIDEAVersion() or isys::ConnectionMgr::getWinIDEAVersion() to obtain an instance.

#include <CWinIDEAVersion.h>

Public Member Functions

 CWinIDEAVersion (const std::string &version)
uint8_t getMajor ()
 Returns the major winIDEA version.
uint8_t getMinor ()
 Returns the minor winIDEA version.
uint16_t getBuild ()
 Returns the winIDEA build number.
uint16_t getSubbuild ()
 Returns the winIDEA sub-build number. More...
uint32_t getSccRevision ()
 Returns the winIDEA source control revision number. More...
uint16_t getBuildYear ()
 Returns winIDEA build year. More...
uint8_t getBuildMonth ()
 Returns winIDEA build month in range [1..12]. More...
uint8_t getBuildDay ()
 Returns winIDEA build day in range [1..31]. More...
int compare (const CWinIDEAVersion &other)
 Returns -1 if this version is smaller than other, 0 if equal, and 1 if greater.
std::string toString () const
 Returns version number as string. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CWinIDEAVersion()

isys::CWinIDEAVersion::CWinIDEAVersion ( const std::string &  version)
versionmust be in <major>.<minor>.<build>[.<subbuild>] format, for example: 9.12.209, or

Member Function Documentation

◆ getBuildDay()

uint8_t isys::CWinIDEAVersion::getBuildDay ( )

Returns winIDEA build day in range [1..31].

Returns 0 if build day was not set.

◆ getBuildMonth()

uint8_t isys::CWinIDEAVersion::getBuildMonth ( )

Returns winIDEA build month in range [1..12].

Returns 0 if build month was not set.

◆ getBuildYear()

uint16_t isys::CWinIDEAVersion::getBuildYear ( )

Returns winIDEA build year.

Returns 0 if build year was not set.

◆ getSccRevision()

uint32_t isys::CWinIDEAVersion::getSccRevision ( )

Returns the winIDEA source control revision number.

Returns 0xffff'ffff if this version was not set.

◆ getSubbuild()

uint16_t isys::CWinIDEAVersion::getSubbuild ( )

Returns the winIDEA sub-build number.

Returns 0xffff if sub-build version was not set.

◆ toString()

std::string isys::CWinIDEAVersion::toString ( ) const

Returns version number as string.

Format: <major>.<minor>.<build>. If sub-build number was also set, the return string is <major>.<minor>.<build>.<sub-build>. Example: 9.10.115