How to start

This section describes the first steps to get a working program using isystem.connect API. Examples in documentation are written in Python, but it is easy to adapt them to other supported languages. Each SDK bundle also includes a sample project in the SDK specific language, which you can use as a startup project.

Let's connect!

The fundamental precondition for isystem.connect is connection to winIDEA, because that is the place, where functions get executed. To establish a connection, we use the class isys::ConnectionMgr and its method isys::ConnectionMgr::connect():

import isystem.connect as ic

cmgr = ic.ConnectionMgr()
connection_config = ic.CConnectionConfig()

As the name of the method implies, it connects to the Most Recently Used winIDEA instance. If we have more than one target connected to the host, or more than one version of winIDEA, then other methods of ConnectionMgr can be used to establish a connection. Please see the class documentation and provided examples.

The first program

Once we have established a connection to winIDEA, we can instantiate other isystem.connect classes and call their methods. The following three lines download the code and run the target until function main():

debug = ic.CDebugFacade(cmgr)

That's it. Now you can continue to the section isystem.connect to find more about the available functionality.