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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.253


This page allows you to configure Coverage display settings.


To modify the Coverage display settings click Options button Options-icon in the Analyzer Toolbar.




Function based configuration - Keep enabled unless instructed otherwise by the Technical support.

Remove non-reachable code - The code inside the function which is not reachable by sequential or direct branch flow is not considered for coverage statistics.

Show not executed only - Shows only elements (download files, modules, functions, source lines) which include instructions that were not executed.

Show folders recursively - By default all folders are listed on the same level. Enable this option to have them displayed in a recursive tree.

Show library functions - Compiler-added code (e.g. library functions) are considered for coverage analysis.

Show non-coding lines - Show non-coding lines when line-based configuration is used.

Show empty modules - Show empty modules when line-based configuration is used.

Show verbose text - Coverage results in the coverage statistic window are more verbose to ease the result interpretation.

Merge function lines - Some source lines translate to multiple ranges of instructions, as for example for loop (condition check and a branch). Even if the ranges are not consecutive, enabling this option will merge them to ease the review.

Show warning on incomplete data - Warning will be displayed if trace buffer was full before CPU stop was detected.

Ignore instructions with undetectable condition outcome - When information about conditional instruction outcome is not provided in the trace, mark the instruction as non-conditional.



Use of this option is not recommended, as it could obscure untested code. All occurrences of such instructions must be manually reviewed for conditional coverage.


Display mode - By default the statement coverage results on object level are shown in hexadecimal format. Alternatively you can choose to display them in decimal format.

Consider line covered - By default a line is considered covered when all instructions belonging to this line were executed. A more relaxed alternative is to consider the line covered when any instruction belonging to this source line was executed.

File paths - By default the paths are shown relative to the workspace folder. Alternatively you can choose to display absolute paths to the folders.

HTML export - Stores various settings for generating custom HTML coverage reports.


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