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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.220


The FreeRTOS Tasks window displays detailed information about all available tasks. You can enable automatic refresh to update the list each time the processor is stopped. Each row represents one task with multiple task parameters. The currently running task is highlighted.





The functionality of each listed task parameter is described inside the following table:


Parameter name



Task name


Assigned task identification number. Appropriate RTOS configuration is required to access this kernel parameter. Specifically, the configUSE_TRACE_FACILITY macro needs to be set to 1, otherwise all IDs are 0. See the FreeRTOS configuration file (FreeRTOSConfig.h) for details.

Priority (Base/Actual)

Task base and actual priority. The task base priority is the priority last assigned to the task - used by the priority inheritance mechanism. The actual priority is the priority assigned to the task at task creation


The current state of the task.

Start of Stack

The lowest address of the memory block allocated for the stack.

Top of Stack

The current stack pointer.

Min. Free Stack

The amount of stack space that remained unused when the stack usage was at its highest. Also known as stack ‘high water mark’. The macro configRECORD_STACK_HIGH_ADDRESS (in FreeRTOSConfig.h) should be set to 1, otherwise this value may not be accurate as it will not be possible to calculate the total stack size. This macro is only supported by FreeRTOS 10.0.0 and later.

Stack Usage

The number of bytes currently used out of the total stack size. The macro configRECORD_STACK_HIGH_ADDRESS (in FreeRTOSConfig.h) must be set to 1 to display this. This macro is only supported by FreeRTOS 10.0.0 and later.



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