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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.252


Open Hardware / CPU Options / Debugging.




Synchronize selected cores (stop/run) when possible

This option is not applicable for RH850. All cores are always synced.


Ignore access errors

Any access to an undefined address space or non-initialized internal RAM returns an error status. This is displayed with question marks ‘?’ all over the memory window when such an address base is given.

Nevertheless, to be able to inspect the state of the internal RAM check this option, and set the RAM Initialization option to Never in the Reset page.


External Oscillator Clock

Enter the frequency of the external quartz oscillator connected to the target CPU. This value is used when  performing the Renesas native FP5 serial protocol operations in Python scripts.


Image checker

Not implemented.


Optional Device Checks

Select optional image checks available before flash programming.


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