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Renesas RH850

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Getting started

Debug Features

RH850 Typical Debug/Trace Configurations

RH850 Specific Debug/Trace Features


The information provided in this chapter is intended to be used together with the CPU reference manual provided by the silicon vendor. This chapter assumes knowledge of the CPU functionality and the terminology and concepts defined and explained in the CPU reference manual. Basic knowledge of winIDEA is also necessary. This chapter deals with specifics and advanced details and it is not meant as a basic or introductory text.


Setup - General settings to prepare winIDEA for debug session.

Flash Programming - Additional configuration settings for internal Flash programming.

Analyzer - Trace, Aurora trace port, Trace templates, Profiler and Coverage.

Knowledge Base - Specific problems solved.



Getting started

Refer to Getting started Tutorials.



Debug Features

LPD debug interface

Hardware execution breakpoints

Hardware data access breakpoints

Code & Data FLASH Programming

Multi-core support

Real-time memory access

FLASH Option Bytes programming

Security Function

Hot Attach

Stopping peripherals (e.g. TIMERs) when stopped

SFT Software trace

On-chip Trace Buffer (OCTB) support (CPU dependent)

Parallel Nexus trace support (CPU dependent)

Aurora trace support (CPU dependent)



RH850 Typical Debug/Trace Configurations

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Simplified RH850 Debug/Trace Block Diagram



iC5000 – Debug & Software Trace via LPD4

Basic and compact System

Debug Access via JTAG/LPD

Software Trace Support via LPD4

Trace into On-Chip Trace RAM (on “Large Memory” Devices)

Optional IOM2 Analog/Digital I/O Module

iC5000: USB 2.0 / Ethernet


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iC5700 – Debug & Nexus Trace

High-Performance, versatile System

Debug Access via JTAG/LPD

Software Trace Support via LPD4

Trace into On-Chip Trace RAM (on “Large Memory” Nexus Trace Port on Emulation Devices

Optional Add-On Modules:

oADIO Use case Configuration

oCAN/LIN Use case Configuration

Nexus Trace Streaming: 16-pin MDO, ½ CPU Clock, Double-Data Rate

iC5700: 1 GByte Trace Buffer, USB 3.0 / EthernetDevices)


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RH850 Specific Debug/Trace Features

The picture below shows a simplified Block Diagram of the RH850 Trace Architecture (without Nexus/AURORA Port).


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Software Trace

Software Trace is a RH850-specific trace solution based on Code Instrumentation. Software Trace messages are generated when the CPU executes dedicated instructions, DBCP, DBTAG and DBPUSH. The Software Trace messages can either be stored in an On-Chip trace RAM (if available) or can be streamed out via the LPD4 interface, operating in Software Trace streaming mode.


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Timing & Performance Measurement Unit (TPU)

On-Chip Counter Structure to measure Time (Clock Cycles) and Performance Metrics

Can be controlled (start/stop) by means of Trigger Event Unit (TEU)

Counter increment by Stop Events or Debug Clock (JTAG / LPD Clock)

Optional CPU Break on Counter Threshold and/or Overflow

Two Sub-Units: Time Measurement & Performance Measurement


Sample TPU Measurement: Measure Runtime of Function "EE_RUN_Runnable_R1"

Number of Calls

Min/Max Execution Time per Call

Accumulated Execution Time (to calculate average Execution Time)


Unit 0

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Accumulated Execution Time

Minimum Execution Time

Maximum Execution Time

Number of Function Calls





ADIO & CAN Trace

A trace recording via the Nexus port allows a time correlation with Analog/Digital or CAN/LIN bus signals captured by means of the ADIO and/or CAN/LIN Add-On Module of the iC5700.


The picture below shows a correlated Nexus Trace and CAN bus recording. The trace was recorded on a Sensor Fusion demonstrator platform, based on RH850/F1H, created within a cooperation project between the companies INCHRON, OpenSynergy and TASKING. The profiler timeline shows a combined trace of CAN bus, program flow, microCOQOS Hypervisor virtual machines and multiple AUTOSAR OS Tasks.


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