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Version: 9.21.200

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Time Performance Unit

The RH850 Time Performance Unit (TPU) is a core plugin and it consists of 4 Time and 4 Performance counter units. In multi-core devices each PE core has its own TPU and each TPU plugin now shows only TPUs for selected core.


In the simplest example the TMT1 cycle counter can be used to measure time elapsed while the CPU was running. These units offer the possibility of time and count measurements from various sources.


With this plugin you can:

Measure time (by counting debug clock cycles) with the Time unit

Count events (executed instructions, interrupts, flash accesses...) with the Performance unit

Measure between two events (start and stop condition)

Save the minimal, maximal or last value encountered between several measurement cycles

Accumulate results or reset counter on every start event

Set a threshold for a measurement

Break the CPU on counter overflow or threshold violation



In recent winIDEA versions the RH850 Renesas Cycle Counter plugin has been removed and superseded by the RH850 Time Performance Unit plugin.



Opening the TPU plugin

To open the plugin you need to have a RH850 workspace loaded in winIDEA. You can then load it through View /  [<device>.COREn].RH850 / Time Performance Unit.


Please note shared resources:

1. After CPU reset winIDEA configures by default the first Time Unit counter of the first core as a Cycle Counter. If the Time/Performance Unit plugin configures that counter, then the default Cycle Counter operation is suspended until the CPU is reset, or if the counter is released, not used anymore by the Time/Performance plugin. This state is visible after RESET in the picture below.

2. RH850 trace and the Time/Performance Unit plugin use the same event-triggering resource.



Trace and TPU should not be used at the same time.


Information is displayed when a debug connection is established.









Manually update the window


Reset counters


Edit TPU configuration and open the TPU Configuration dialog


Go to winIDEA Help







Values (current)  in HEX and in decimal form (HEX / decimal)

The currently enabled units are indicated by bright green color.

Saved values

HEX and in decimal form (HEX / decimal)


Status of Threshold Violation (TVF) and


Status of counter Overflow (OVF) flags




To display or hide columns, right-click on a column header and select what you want to see.


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