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iSYSTEM testIDEA offers on target testing by executing test cases and test vectors on a real hardware without code instrumentation. testIDEA GUI is part of winIDEA and connects to iSYSTEM's test API isystem.test.

It's presumed that the target hardware includes a processor or a microcontroller executing the target application code and being controlled by iSYSTEM winIDEA and Blue Boxes. Test subjects are C/C++ functions, which are stressed with possible input parameters (test vectors) and then the functions results are compared against the expected values.


testIDEA Standard with basic test features is included for free in the regular winIDEA full setup. A license fee applies for testIDEA Pro, an upgrade with extended test capabilities. Get a full overview downloading the test brochure.

Main features:

  • Simple and fast implementation of unit and integration tests without writing any code
  • Test case execution on a real hardware without code instrumentation
  • Coverage analysis performed on a code generated by compiler
  • Performance analysis on a real hardware
  • Trace information is available for detailed analysis
  • Support for regression tests
  • Suitable for Test Driven Development
  • Import/Export of test cases to/from Excel
  • Test report generation (XML, Excel)
  • Can be used in conjunction with optional I/O module for Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) tests
  • Extendable with Python scripts






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