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iSYSTEM winIDEA Release Notes

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winIDEA development is an ongoing process.


New MCUs are supported and new features are implemented every day. We release a new winIDEA build approximately once a week to provide these new functionalities and bug fixes to our users.


We provide two types of builds:

Verified winIDEA builds - Thoroughly tested for nearly all supported MCUs and winIDEA functionalities and are released approximately once a month. The latest and important ones can be downloaded from our website. We recommend using a verified build for your project. You can download it from Download page.

Hotfix builds - Done nearly every week, where the entire set of regression tests is not exercised. A user should be aware that some functionality might be broken.



Here you can find the following Release Notes:


winIDEA 9.21

winIDEA 9.17

winIDEA 9.12



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