winIDEA Release Policy

winIDEA development is an ongoing process. New MCUs are supported and new features are implemented every day. We release a new winIDEA build approximately once a week to provide these new functionalities and bug fixes to our users. We provide two types of builds.

Verified build releases

Verified winIDEA builds are thoroughly tested for nearly all supported MCUs and winIDEA functionalities and are released approximately once a month. The latest and important ones can be downloaded from our website. We recommend using a verified build for your project.

Hotfix builds

Hotfix winIDEA builds are done nearly every week, where the entire set of regression tests is not exercised. A user should be aware that some functionality might be broken.

When should I use a hotfix build?

The hotfix build should be used:

  • when a bug is fixed,
  • when support for a new microcontroller is required,
  • when a new feature or functionality is required.

Why isn’t every build a verified build?

We support more than 2000 different MCUs, numerous platforms and many functions. Thorough regression testing of a big number of HW configurations is time consuming. Hotfix build is a quick solution to our users’ requests that can take as little as just a few days.

Which tests have been executed?
For a hotfix build a limited set of tests on targeted HW configurations are executed. A regression test report is distributed together with winIDEA hotfix build. See a report example...

Where can I download a hotfix build?

Verified builds can be downloaded from our website whereas hotfix build download links are distributed by our technical support or sales representatives to individual customers only having a need for a particular hotfix build.

How do I request a hotfix build?

  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties, request technical support. We will provide you with a new hotfix build or match you with the existing one that resolves your issues.
  • If you like to request a new MCU support or a feature, contact your sales representative or
  • If you like to use a new implemented functionality that was not yet available in the latest verified build, contact your sales representative or and we will match you with the most suitable build for your project.

Only users with valid winIDEA license or maintenance contract are entitled to receive technical support and hotfix builds.