Technical Questions & Repairs

Report a technical issue

  1. Go to Help/Support/Technical support… dialog in winIDEA to generate a Support (WSB) file.
  2. Depending on the issue, include the following files in the WSB file:
    • Download file - for general issues. We will run your application and try to reproduce your issues. A minimal sample application that reproduces the issues is usually enough for us to solve them. We have signed NDAs with most of our customers for this particular purpose.
    • Trace recording (.trd file) - for trace related issues
  3. Attach the WSB file to your communications with iSYSTEM Support staff. We will use the support file to replicate and inspect your workspace settings. The crash dump file is also located in the WSB.
  4. In addition to the WSB file, you can also attach the following attachments to your communication:
    • ORTI file or/and an OS description XML file - for operating system related issues
    • iyaml file - for testIDEA related issues
    • Python script - for isystem.connect issues
  5. Please provide a detailed description of your problem. Following information will speed up resolving your issues:
    • Hardware type and winIDEA version.
    • The exact steps to reproduce the issue.
    • Has the problematic functionality ever worked in the past? If it did, what changed?
    • Do you have any internal or external watchdogs enabled?
    • In case of HW issues, have you tried switching HW combinations (cable, adapter, emulator, target, PSU)? A photo of your setup.
    • A schematic of your target board.

Failing to provide all the needed information in this step will result in additional correspondence and prolonging the time to solution of your issues.

Only users with valid winIDEA license are entitled to receive technical support. Read more about how iSYSTEM licensing works.


Delivering deeply tested products is our quality objective, nevertheless all BlueBox systems come with a 24 months warranty. iSYSTEM provides a free exchange system or a free repair during the warranty period, if the hardware malfunction is not the result of an overvoltage, mechanical damage or damage caused by ingress of liquids.

If the BlueBox system stays licensed without interruptions since the initial licensing, you are entitled to a free exchange system or a free repair even after the warranty expires. Read more about how iSYSTEM licensing works.

If something should go wrong with your hardware, follow these steps to get you up and running in the shortest time possible:

1. Contact the support team with hardware type, serial number and the description of the problem.

2. If the problem proves to be a hardware malfunction, the support team will send you a RMA (Return Material Authorization) form.

3. Fill the RMA form with required information including a description of the problem. The better you describe the problem, the faster we can resolve the issue.

4. Send the RMA form back to support team and you will receive further information about where to send the malfunctioned hardware.

5. When you pack the hardware, also include printed RMA form.

Repaired parts warranty is 12 months.


Local support for Asian countries is provided by our distributors. In all other cases you can reach the support team on:

Phone: +386 (1) 5680-666
Mon-Fri: 08:00–15:00 UTC+1
Sat-Sun: Closed
Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Phone: +386 (1) 5680-666
Mon-Fri: 08:00–15:00 UTC+1
Sat-Sun: Closed
USA West
Phone: +1 (858) 385-9100
Mon-Fri: 08:00–15:00 UTC-8
Sat-Sun: Closed
USA East
Phone: +1 (248) 308-3820
Mon-Fri: 08:00–15:00 UTC-5
Sat-Sun: Closed

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