RISC-V® Microcontrollers

Founded more than 10 years ago, RISC-V® is today an open-source alternative and an open standard to proprietary RISC / ISA chip architectures. Emerging originally from a project at Berkeley University in California, RISC-V® International (www.riscv.org) established itself in 2015 as an organization and community consisting of software and hardware companies that are further developing and promoting the RISC-V® ISA. iSYSTEM is a member of RISC-V® International.

Here you find more information about the history of RISC-V.


We provide comprehensive debug and trace support for the entire RISC-V® ecosystem of microcontrollers and SoCs.

The iC7max/iC5700 BlueBox complements the RISC-V family support with their IOM Accessories. With the CAN/LIN Module, vehicle network traffic and with the ADIO Module analog and digital signals surrounding the microcontroller can be traced and correlated with the application timing measurements. Complex AUTOSAR applications can be analyzed and time optimized to ensure that timing constraints are fulfilled.

Supported RISC-V® Microcontrollers

If your particular device is not listed, contact iSYSTEM to check if your device is on our roadmap of devices to be supported.

Andes Technology


Microchip PolarFire SoC FPGA

FE310, FU740

iC7 BlueBox Solutions

Target connector Connection to the Target
Adapter + iC7mini/iC7pro Active Probe Debug + iC7 Adapter* + iC7max
RISCV-V JTAG 10-pin (1.27)



iC5 BlueBox Solutions

Target debug connector Connection to the Target Board BlueBox
iC5700 iC5000
DTM Debug Adapter
JTAG Debug
20-pin 1.27 mm CoreSight DTM Debug Adapter
JTAG Debug


  • Debug access via  JTAG
  • On-Chip FLASH Programming
  • SPI/QSPI FLASH Programming
  • Stop on reset (depends on SoC and Board)
  • Single/Multi-Core Debug 
  • Multicore RUN/STOP sync
  • Debug from reset vector

Typical simplified RISC-V® Debug Block Diagram