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Infineon TC234LF Emulation Adapter V2.2

Infineon TC234LF Emulation Adapter primary use case is providing the trace capability for the 100-pin:



devices featuring no trace functionality.



The Emulation Adapter might differ in some peripherals from the target device; therefore, the device datasheet should be checked.


The Emulation Adapter is based on the emulation device featuring on-chip trace and provides the target adaptation to the 100-pin QFP target package. Infineon TC234LF Emulation Adapter is based on the TC234LF emulation device (step AB) in the QFP100 package, on which the on-chip trace buffer is available providing the trace support.


Alternative use cases is a standalone operation without connecting the emulation adapter to the target. In this case application development and testing can start before the target is available.


The iC5000 or the iC5700 BlueBox providing the trace functionality connects to the Emulation Adapter through the Infineon 10-pin 1.27mm Infineon DAP2 Wide Debug Adapter (ordering code IC50163-2).


Complete Emulation Adapter is split into individual parts. A typical setup in conjunction with the target contains:

IEA-TC234LF-ST (Microcontroller part)

Conversion board

Solder part



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