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NXP S32K148 Emulation Adapter V1.5

NXP S32K148 Emulation Adapter is based on the 176-pin S32K148 superset device and provides full trace capability for the:





device, where trace port is not available or lacks the full trace capability.



The Emulation Adapter might differ in some peripherals from the target device; therefore, the device datasheet should be checked.


Emulation Adapter supports the following debug and trace interfaces:

JTAG and SWD debug interface;

ETM/ITM trace to trace Cortex-M4 program execution; Trace data is connected to the external trace port which then connects to 20-pin 1.27 mm CoreSight Debug Adapter;

Serial wire viewer (SWV) and printf() style debugging through a Single Wire Output (SWO) “trace” pin on Cortex-M4.


The Emulation Adapter can also be used as a standalone device for microcontroller evaluation purposes or for development and testing of an embedded application ahead of target board availability.


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