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Standalone operation

Emulation Adapter is delivered with all components required for a Standalone operation.



Power supply

Use enclosed IEA-PS Emulation Adapter Power converter and adapter.


When having problems getting the emulation adapter operational in conjunction with the target, emulation adapter standalone operation should be tested first. In this case, minimally the IEA-TC265DE emulation adapter and the IEA-PS power supply connecting to the emulation adapter P2 connector (all jumpers must be removed from P2 prior) are required only.


When the emulation adapter is connected to the target and configured for operation with power supply from the target, power supply IEA-PS is not required nor it can be connected since P2 unshrouded 26-pin 2.54mm header is populated with jumpers.


If a different power source is to be used (e.g. in case of a standalone operation), all jumpers must be removed and power source must be applied to CVEXT (pin 4), CVDDM (pin 6), and CVFLEX (pin 8) signals. The emulation adapter comes delivered together with the IEA-PS emulation adapter power supply, which simply plugs into the P2 header row, providing the necessary power supply for emulation adapter standalone operation. Double check that the IEA-PS emulation adapter power supply is configured properly for this particular emulation adapter.

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