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iSYSTEM winIDEA Release Notes

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winIDEA 9.12

This page lists the version history of winIDEA 9.12 releases. A detailed list of all changes committed to the source code repository available here... (5.3.2019)

Verified build release notes


winIDEA build verified for iSYSTEM legacy products obsoleted in build 9.17.0:

iC3000 (iC3000HS and iC3000GT remain supported)

all Active PODs, Active PRO/GT PODs, iTRACE PRO/GT platform

architectures: ARM7, ARM9, NXP S12 and S12X, NXP ColdFire, NXP MPC devices except for MPC5xxx, Renesas 78K, 78K0R and RL78


The following iSYSTEM legacy products are no longer supported with build 9.12.288:

iC1000, iC2000 and iC4000

integrated iSYSTEM on-board debugger available on targets and evaluation boards: ITMPC55xx, ITLPC2138, Š-ARM (LPC2138) and FRI-SMS (AT91SAM9260)

iSYSTEM promotional ARM debugger ITAG-U-ARM (IF-DEV combo) and ITAG2-U-- ARM (IF-DEV2 combo)

iSYSTEM entry level debug tools iONE1xx and iONE2xx

à for these products use verified build 9.12.225



Older release notes

Release notes for winIDEA 9.12.291 - 9.12.1 are available here...

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