isys::CDAQStatus Class Reference


Status information about the DAQ system.

Python example:

#include <CDAQController.h>

Public Member Functions

QWORD getTime () const
 Current time in DAQ ticks. More...
DWORD getLastLoopTime () const
 DAQ loop time in milliseconds since last status check.
DWORD getNumSamplesAvailable () const
 Number of samples ready for readout.
DWORD getNumLoops () const
 Number of loops executed since configuration reset.
bool getOverflow () const
 Indicates whether an overflow in the DAQ sample buffer has occurred since last status check.
bool getGlobalEnable () const
 Returns true if global DAQ sampling is enabled.
bool getCoreEnable () const
std::string toString () const
 Returns contents of this object in human readable form.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCoreEnable()

bool isys::CDAQStatus::getCoreEnable ( ) const
in 9.21.2. Always returns the same value as getGlobalEnable().

Returns true if DAQ sampling on this core is enabled.

◆ getTime()

QWORD isys::CDAQStatus::getTime ( ) const

Current time in DAQ ticks.

Python example: