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Version: 9.21.200

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Status row

Columns explanation



RCU is a separate core window of the SoC AURIX plugin which displays a list of RCU registers with according value and description. It is an user-friendly representation of the reset configuration and last reset source information.


View RCU is opened by clicking View / <device> Aurix <core> / RCU. Information is displayed when a debug connection is established.









Switch to real-time update


Manually update the view (F8)


Go to winIDEA Help



Status row

Status row in each view shows information about last read status.



Columns explanation

Address column - Shows address of corresponding register and is hidden by default. To display the Address column click and drag the marked line to the right.

Expanded Registers - Each row in a fields section shows field name, address (if column is visible), value and description.



To display or hide columns, right-click on a column header and select what you want to see.



Context menu

Right-click in the plugin window to open the context menu.

Copy Python access snippet - (optional) Copy SDK code snippet to extract the content from the plugin window.

Auto Fit - Arrange all the columns to fit in the plugin window.

Options - Set colors and fonts.

Help - Open winIDEA Help.



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